Pouring blood, sweat and molten metal into every song the band forged between 1984 and 1991, INSANIAC honed a unique sound that constantly threatened to break through the underground. Often mentioned in the same breath as the big players in the exploding thrash metal scene worldwide, INSANIAC stood toe-to-toe and shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of them; continuously writing, recording, and delivering relentless live performances. While the ever-elusive "record deal" never materialized, INSANIAC soldiered on . . . releasing top-quality demos that metalheads around the globe snapped up and banged their heads to until the tapes wore out.

Thanks to the never-ending legions of fans who prove every day that thrash metal will never die, the magic of modern recording technology, and AreaDeath Productions / Xmusick League, INSANIAC is proud to unleash TERMINAL MADNESS . . . the ultimate all-inclusive collection of official studio demos and rarities produced over the band's seven year onslaught . . . remixed, restored, and remastered from the original recordings.

AreaDeath Productions spared no expense in creating INSANIAC - TERMINAL MADNESS, an amazing retrospective package that easily rivals the best of the best. This very limited edition deluxe collector's set includes:

2 CDs jammed full with every official INSANIAC studio release between 1984 and 1991, previously unreleased material, and rarities that haven't seen the light of day in over 20 years

An exceptionally designed, full-color, 24-page booklet containing a new in-depth interview with lead guitarist CJ Scioscia, which covers everything from the origins of the band to where the members of INSANIAC are now, and including all-new artwork, previously unpublished photos from deep in the band members' personal archives, and complete lyrics for all songs

Unique, high-quality, embroidered 4" x 3" patch featuring INSANIAC's iconic brain-exposed madman "Iggy" in dramatic black/white/silver or red/black/white/silver, ready to be stitched onto your prized vintage denim vest (please specify if you have a preference for patch color)

2-sided 9" x 14-1/4" poster featuring the full-color CD cover artwork on the front and a classic b&w INSANIAC press photo, circa 1987, on the back

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